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Maybe over there...

『N, nicely... ha!? E, erm, t, tis pasable, uh huh, as one would expect of my disciple. I shall praise you now, hmm. Although tis against a sluggish opponent, I never ... not a phantom punch... but a successful 【Great Demon Triple Cross Counter】!』

To that extent? Hmm? I mean, what’s with this guy doing a guts pose for a moment?

Anyway, yes. Triple cross.

Mr. Machio invited my counter, broke the cross counter, and then he countered me with a double cross, and I counter his double cross.

Indeed, you can’t do it without extreme concentration, and it’s impossible to be told to do it again under normal conditions.

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That was the level of response I had.

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“How’s it going? Mr. Machio.”

Even if it was just a counter that uses the opponent’s attack, I did it against Mr. Machio’s power.

The sharpness was...

“Ah... ka...”

It was so powerful that it was like waking up from a reverse shock.