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Whenever〈Fafnir〉collided with〈Zeon〉, red-black sparks danced in the air.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「High King Style – Consecutive Spears!」

In response to the eight slashes I fired, Ria replied with a consecutive thrusts of black flames.

But there was too much of a difference between our physical abilities.

「Wha, kyaa!?」

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Pushed by the power of Yatagarasu, she was greatly blown back.

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(The winning chance!)

I didn’t overlook this opportunity and closed the distance right away.

「D-Don’t come close… Draconic Roar!」

When Ria swung her sword, flames mixed with black and white were scattered extensively.

An irregular ranged attack. I once struggled against this technique, but now…

It is no longer a problem.