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“Is it okay for me to think of things as okay for the time being?”

“Not necessarily. Think about it, none of us have any connections with either of the two of them.”

I couldn’t stop myself from pointing it out to her, so I did.

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“……Hirata-kun, will they listen to Yukimura-kun?”

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“I wonder…… I think you know this already, but the three of them are the type of people who like solitude. It will have to do with whether or not they match with Yukimura's personality or way of thinking. They might end up being a little uneasy about it.”

Horikita sat in thought considering what Hirata said, and after a bit, she eventually turned to me.

“Hey, Ayanokōji-kun. Would you mind if I left the management of Yukimura-kun to you?”


“You were in the same room as Yukimura-kun on the ship, so I thought you might be somewhat flexible. It may be difficult for you to communicate with Miyake-kun or Hasebe-san, but if you work as the middleman it should be easier for all of us to connect with them.”

She said such a thing. Using the process of elimination, it was clearly the best plan available. None of the three of them appeared to be the type of person who would be able to stay in touch with Horikita.

Even so, why choose me of all people? I’ve entirely pleased with not getting any more involved with this than I already am.

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“You appear to be rather unwilling. Are you not willing to help me? It’s just management, I didn’t say I wanted you to teach.”

It’s true that it’s just management, but it will be a very difficult thing to manage.