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When Zhao Xuming first arrived, he was filled with excitement and confidence. In the end, he was splashed with cold water.

Ding Gan was a little embarrassed as well. He quickly said, “It’s alright, Boss Zhao. We’ll start recruiting immediately. If it really doesn’t work out, we can spend money to buy people from other clubs. We’ll definitely reassemble the team as soon as possible!”

At first, Ding Gan did not think too much about it. He just felt that there was no point in keeping the IOI branch. Since there was no competition, he could still earn a sum of money by selling them to GOG’s club. It did not matter even if he sold them.

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However, the IOI World Finals had been delivered right to his doorstep right on the heels of selling his players. How could he explain this?

After a moment of silence, Zhao Xuming nodded. “Alright.”

What else could he say? The players had already been sold. They could not possibly pay the breach of contract to buy them back, right? That would be a huge loss.

The main reason was that these players were now very valuable. The transfer fee was also much more expensive. Wouldn’t they be making a huge loss this time?

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Ding Gan would rather buy the IOI team members from other clubs than buy his own team members back.

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However, Zhao Xuming was worried that since GOG clubs had started to buy IOI members on a large scale, they were probably not only buying from SUG.

What if IOI teams from other clubs were also torn apart?

Was he going to use the existing teams to create two or three teams that could compete in the international competition, or was he going to find new players purely based on luck?

Zhao Xuming suddenly had an ominous feeling. He felt that his mission might look simple but it was not that easy to achieve.

Tengda’s mastermind had tentacles that extended far beyond his imagination!

“Could this be part of Boss Pei’s plan?”

Zhao Xuming suddenly shuddered.

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The best employee? Secret prize? Boss Pei was going to reward according to merit?

Everyone immediately started clicking with their mouse to choose who they thought was the best. Soon, everyone had finished voting.